A Soloution For Designing 4G Networks In Urban Areas

  • Houshang Kazemi
  • Rasool Heydarian


International Mobile Telcommunications-Advanced (IMT-Advanced) or alternatively 4th Generation (4G) Cellular Systems are mobile systems that extend and improve upon the capabilities of the IMT-2000 family of standards. Such systems are expected to provide users with access to a variety of advanced IP-based services and applications, supported by mobile and fixed broadband networks which are predominantly packet-based.4G networks can support a wide range of data rates with different quality of services requirements. Proportional to user mobility conditions in multiuser environments. WiMax embodies the IEEE 802.16 family of standards that provision wireless broadband access. with the IEEE 802.16e – 2005 or IEEE 802.16m  mobility amendement, WiMax promise to address the ever increasing demand for mobile high speed Wireless data in forth – generation (4G) network. It provides wireless broadband and IP connectivity for the “first-mile to last mile” connection. In this paper we proposed a solution for designing 4G Networks by mobile wimax technology in urban with an intelligent Medium Access Control (MAC) that adapts with the Physical layer (PHY) to provides requirements 4G  . In our scheme we present 24 scenario with different parameters. The performance of proposed scheme is evaluate by simulation using Opnet.


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