Design and Fabrication of a Lowpass Filter Using a New Butterfly-Shaped Defected Ground Structure

  • Majeed Rashid Zaidan
  • Vahid Rezaeian
  • Saber Izadpanah Toos
Keywords: Defected Ground Structure, DGS, Low-pass Filter, Microstrip Filter


In this paper, a new Defected Ground Structure (DGS) is introduced and analyzed. The effect of the structure’s dimensions on the location of the attenuation pole and the cutoff frequency to study the frequency characteristics is investigated. In the following, a lowpass filter with 3 dB cutoff frequency at 3 GHz is designed and optimized using the proposed defected ground structure, and its frequency characteristic is reported. The designed lowpass filter is fabricated to verify the simulation process. Also, simulation results, the equivalent circuit, and the measured results with the Network Analyzer are compared.


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Zaidan, M., Rezaeian, V., & Izadpanah Toos, S. (2021). Design and Fabrication of a Lowpass Filter Using a New Butterfly-Shaped Defected Ground Structure. Majlesi Journal of Telecommunication Devices, 10(3), 129-136.