Design and Implementation of 4:1 Wilkinson Power divider

  • Mehdi Forouzanfar Birjand university
Keywords: Wilkinson, Gysel, Power Combiner, Insertion Loss, Isolation


In this paper, 4:1 Wilkinson and Gysel combiner are designed and simulated for high-power applications. Since Wilkinson power combiner provides broad bandwidth characteristics and low insertion loss, it can be an appropriate candidate for realizing the required power combiner. The fabricated combiner provides a maximum insertion loss of about 0.5dB and Max S11 and S22 of about -10 dB in the frequency band of 8-9.2 GHz. It was designed in such a way that it can easily be tuned to compensate phase mismatch between four different inputs with a precision of about 15 degrees.


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Forouzanfar, M. (2021). Design and Implementation of 4:1 Wilkinson Power divider. Majlesi Journal of Telecommunication Devices, 10(3), 125-127.