Analysis and Evaluation of Increasing the Throughput of Processors by Eliminating the Lobe’s Disorder

  • Saeed Talati Faculty of Electronic Warfare Engineering, Shahid Sattari University of aeronautical Science and Technology
  • Seyed Morteza Ghazali 2- Electrical Engineering Department, Babol Nooshirvani University of Technology, Babol, Mazandaran, Iran.
  • MohammadReza Hassani Ahangar Professor, Imam Hossein University
  • Seyed Mohammad Alavi Associate Professor, Imam Hossein University
Keywords: Radar, Electronic Warfare, Electronic Attack, Electronic Protect, Electronic Support


In modern radars, the design is such that radar vulnerability to noise disturbance is significantly reduced. This dramatic decrease is due to the fact that radars are always trying to increase their capability against the heavy clutter they receive from the ground. Radars use antenna sidelobes to reduce clutter. By reducing the antenna sidelobes, the vulnerability of the radar to the heavy clutches of the sidelobes is reduced, which also reduces the vulnerability to sidelobe disturbance. In this article, we try to examine the reduction of clutter causing the reduction of vulnerability to disorder.


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