Wireless Sensor Network Applications in monitoring and control of gas networks

  • Sajjad Dehkordi


Traditional database systems provide communication between humans and however wsn communication with the physical world. System performance monitoring and remote reading of gas stations and the expansion of the transmission networks and gas distribution,change in gas prices and the need to measure and manage the accurate measurement of gas consumption growth in provincial gas companies . Needs of provincial gas companies due to the design and interpretation of remote monitoring  system. Design and implementation of monitoring systems for gas stations, data aggregation under the standard protocol,monitored to ensure accuracy of information, using knowledge to implement this system in the country, lead to avoid a using trial and error method. Since the communication system is achievable using software relocation of a large system, Many major industries such as oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation, chemical industry and ... Without proper monitoring systems are not able to continue his work. In this simulation, pressure transmitters, flow and temperature are collected by a wireless network by monitoring software to monitor and control equipment in the control room will be implemented.


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