A Novel Approach for Low Phase Noise Voltage Controlled Oscillator Design based on TSMC 0.18 um Technology

  • Farbod Setoudeh Arak University of Technology
  • Naeimeh Nouri Department of Electrical Engineering, Arak Branch, Islamic Azad University, Arak, Iran
Keywords: Voltage Control Oscillator, Phase noise, Figure of Merit, TSMC.


In this paper, a new structure of Voltage Control Oscillator (VCO) to reduce the phase noise using two plans of a variable voltage capacitor is proposed. The aim of the current paper is to analyse two structure of a completely integrated 3.7 GHz LC-VCO based on TSMC 0.18 um technology. In the first plan for different voltages with variable voltage capacitors in this circuit can be achieved to a suitable phase noise of about 125 dB per Hz and in the second plan, a noise of -123 dB per Hz is achieved in the deviation frequency of 1 MHz. Also, the Figure of Merit (FOM) values for the first plan of -4/186 and for the second plan of –4/184 are achieved and the power consumption is 10 mW.


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