A New Analysis, Design and Fabrication of DVB-T/T2 LDMOS UHF Broadband Amplifier

  • Farbod Setoudeh Department of Electrical Engineering, Arak University of Technology, Arak, Iran.
  • Mohsen Pooya
Keywords: Multi Frequency Network, Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial, Power Amplifier, microstrips


In this paper we want to design linear amplifiers for the Multi Frequency Network (MFN) or Single Frequency Network (SFN) digital terrestrial applications for Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial (DVB-T/T2) transmitters with frequencies of 400 to 900 MHz, so to achieve this aim, we have used Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor (LDMOS) transistor technology has been used. The RF input signal reaches the divider ballun, and then the input of both LDMOS transistors is given and the output of two transistors by the collector balloon reaches the output of the amplifier. We have simulated this design by using the Agilent Design System (ADS) software simulator with a gain more than 24 dB, the (Inter Modulation Distortion (IMD) signal has been attenuated from -29 to -52.5dBc and Power Added Effeciency (PAE)  from 48 to 66% with 4-stage matching network consisting of capacitors and microstrips with a drain bias voltage of 28 volts and gate bias voltage of 2.86 volts in the frequency range 400 to 900 MHz. Eventually all of the circuit is designed on a printed circuit board.



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