Providing an Optimal Way to Increase the Security of Data Transfer using Watermarking in Digital Audio Signals

  • Saeed Talati
  • Pouriya Etezadifar imam hussein university
Keywords: Watermarking, coding, audio signal, LSB


The human ear is aware of a wide range of sound signal amplitudes, so signal-based amplitude marking techniques have their own complexity. This article uses Watermarking to insert the message in the audio coverage and its main purpose is to keep this information hidden for others. There are many benchmarks for evaluating insertion and extraction algorithms that, by performing multiple attacks on an algorithm, increase the ability of the method. (Resilience, Transparency and Capacity for Use). Although the LSB method is superior to other encryption techniques, it is highly vulnerable to all kinds of attacks and attacks, including Additive White Gaussian Noise. This article introduces a new idea for Watermarking voice data encryption, based on the LSB method, which follows similar bits with bits instead of pasting information. The message will be in 16-bit samples, given the introduction of the distortion reduction algorithm for the changes we have made to the signal bits for the receiver's awareness, which could be a new way of causing F Of its resistance additive white Gaussian noise and LSB standard will also improve the transparency of the procedure and the method for reducing the capacity has been used.


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