Enhancing the Quality of Satellite Images Enhancing through Combination of Feature and Pixel Level Image Fusion

  • Mahnaz zarei computer department, Faculty of Engineering, Islamic Azad university, Hamedan, Iran
  • Mansour Esmaeilpour Assistant Professor of computer department, Faculty of Engineering, Islamic Azad university, Hamedan, Iran
Keywords: Image fusion, Quality enhancement of images, multi-spectrum images, discrete wavelet transform, high pass filtering


Up to now, several methods have been proposed for image fusion in pixel level and feature level for quality enhancement of satellite images. From these methods, methods based on discrete wavelet transform (DWT); intensity hue saturation (IHS); and high pass filtering have attracted much attention. But in methods based on; intensity hue saturation and discrete wavelet transform each have disadvantages such as chromatic aberration and linear discontinuity of location characteristics. The present article proposed a new and effective method for fusion in pixel and feature level and by combining the mentioned methods intelligently; the new proposed method maintains the significant and salient characteristics of input images and simultaneously overcomes the mentioned weaknesses. Results are product of experiments evidencing this claim


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