Futurology of Electronic Warfare Systems for IR. IRAN’s Fast Crafts

  • Omid Sharifi-Tehrani Department of electronic warfare and cyber defense, Imam Hussein University.
  • Hamidreza Lashgarian Imam Hussein Complex University, Tehran, Iran
  • Mohammad Solaymanzade Imam Hussein Complex University, Tehran, Iran
  • Mohammad Hadi Ghasemian Imam Hussein Complex University, Tehran, Iran
Keywords: Fast Crafts, Electronic Warfare, Survivability, Road Map, Futurology


Manned and unmanned fast crafts, like unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), are of interested weapon systems and will be paid attention in future offensive and defensive doctrine. This novel case, needs innovation in different areas like armament, navigation, communication and especially electronic warfare. Communication, radar and optical electronic warfare subsystems are necessary for increasing survivability and success in future missions. In this article wee perform future study of electronic warfare subsystems for fast crafts.


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