Market-based Method for Reconfiguration of Distribution Networks Using Mine Blast Algorithm (MBA)

  • Sajjad Niroomand Department of electrical engineering, Sowmesara branch, Islamic Azad University, Sowmesara
  • Alireza Bakhshinejad Somesara Branch, Islamic Azad University
  • Mehdi Tabasi Department of electrical engineering, Sowmesara branch, Islamic Azad University, Sowmesara
Keywords: mine blast optimization algorithm, reconfiguration of distribution networks, demand response


Today, reduction of losses and operational costs is considered an important issue in power systems. Demand response program causes diminished consumption during peak hours and thus increased reliability and reduced costs. Reconfiguration of distribution networks are among the practical methods in reducing losses and costs as well as improving the voltage profile. In this paper, the reconfiguration of distribution networks is performed considering demand response potential and in the presence of distribution generated (DG) sources using a new optimization algorithm called mine blast optimization algorithm (MBA). For this purpose, reducing losses, improving voltage profile, and lowering operational costs of the network are also taken into account as objective function. The proposed method is applied on 33-bus radial network. Simulation has been performed using MATLAB software.


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