Smart Parking Signaling

  • Cem. Atılgan Kırklareli University/Mechatronics Engineering, Kırklareli, Turkey
  • Kazım Zengin Kırklareli University/Mechatronics Engineering, Kırklareli, Turkey
  • Muammer Uğur Kırklareli University/Mechatronics Engineering, Kırklareli, Turkey Email:
  • Evren Çağlarer Kırklareli University/Mechatronics Engineering, Kırklareli, Turkey
Keywords: Smart Systems, Control and Automation, Software, Sensor Technology, Arduino


In today's world, the usage area of intelligent systems is increasing day by day. With the development of technology, applications on intelligent systems that will facilitate human life have also gained momentum. Intelligent systems have evolved from the automotive to the defense industry, from white goods to construction. In large areas with high circulation such as large shopping malls, airports, train stations and stadiums, whose numbers are rapidly increasing, there is a problem of parking space and finding parking space in these areas. Due to the large number of car parks and the large number of vehicles, it is time consuming for customers to search for parking lots for a minute. It is also indisputable that the loss of time is the cause of money loss. In this study, it is aimed to provide a dynamic and quick solution to the operation of intelligent systems in the parking lot. By combining software, control, and sensor technologies, an intelligent system that continually updates itself and at the same time minimizes the loss of life and property in an emergency is designed and integrated into the parking lot infrastructure. Thanks to the designed system, it is aimed to get rid of the problem of searching for places, to reduce fuel and time loss the most, to protect from accidents, and to provide healthy guidance in possible emergency situations. Unlike similar projects in this study, the parking lot plan was created in software environment with all lines. Since the system is constantly updating itself, it has achieved an autonomous structure. In this way, the system does not need to enter any human being in the right direction at the shortest time.


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