Investigation of Effective Parameters for Improvement of OSNR and Increasing of the Channel Capacity in Optical Communication Systems

  • Majid Malekian
  • Hossein Emami
  • Mohsen Ashourian
Keywords: Optic access networks, Systemic specified parameters, OSNR, Channel capacity, fiber to common house.



Today, In Communication world, optical access networks play a fundamental role to secure and offer a wide band width to customers. Therefore, this use of communication ground of optic fiber, because of little diameter of optic cable rather than copper cable and undeniable capabilities of optic networks, is a new discussion of communication world of our country. In this regard, the way of optimum utilization of optic transition systems to residence location of customers with the minimum cost and the maximum capacity is the most important discussion of this matter that use of fiber to common house (FTTH) is an appropriate case for discussion, and with decrease of common access distance to fiber to the intended location, it makes facilities and advantages available for customers. The aim of this paper is explaining the parameters of an optic communication system to be able to determine and select the optimum communication system according to peripheral conditions, technical work range, and calculation of amounts of systemic parameters are determined in case with aim of access to desirable OSNR and increase of capacity of optic communication channels.

Author Biographies

Hossein Emami

Assistant Professor of Islamic Azad University Majlesi

Mohsen Ashourian

Assistant Professor of Islamic Azad University Majlesi


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