Design of an All- Optic Communication Filter Based on Photonic Crystal Structure

  • Majid Malekian
  • Hossein Emami
  • Mohsen Ashourian
Keywords: All- optic filter, photonic crystal, FDTD, PWE


One of the structures made of photonic crystal is all-optic filter which these filters are widely used in optic telecommunications systems and networks. In this paper, a method has been presented to design an optic filter based on two-dimensional photonic crystals. The crystal which we suggested, was obtained by FDTD and PWE numeric methods, that influenced different parameters of output wavelength of filter. The result showed that increase of refraction index of Dielectric, leads information in output wavelength of filter.

Author Biographies

Majid Malekian

ma student  of  optic  telecommunications ,majlesi  Azad  university

Hossein Emami

Associate  professor of  computer and Electrical Faculty  of Majlesi azad  University

Mohsen Ashourian

Associate  professor of  computer and Electrical Faculty

 of Majlesi azad  University


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