Selecting the best wavelet packet pier inspired by biological methods

  • Alireza Rezaee university of tehran
Keywords: wavelet packets, best basis, the best level of analysis, genetic algorithms, variable-length Chromosome, shannon entropy


In this project, a new method for selecting the best wavelet packet pier is presented. The method of complex organisms from simple gradual chromosomes early to more complex organisms have been inspired by the current. In this algorithm, first, the best pier to the lowest level of analysis based on the shannon entropy measure using Genetic Algorithm (GA) is selected, then the pier to create optimal early population to a higher level is used and the work until the last level of analysis is repeated. The results show that this way, with a gradual increase during chromosomes best wavelet packet pier with higher convergence rate, higher accuracy and less computation than previous methods is selected. In addition, previous methods based on GA, the best possible level of analysis did not exist, but this method, access is provided.


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