Comprehensive Study of the Third-order Charge Pump PLL Dynamic Behavior

  • Hanane Gholamnataj Department of Electrical Engineering, Nour Branch, Islamic Azad University, Nour, Iran
  • Habib Adrang Department of Electrical Engineering, Nour Branch, Islamic Azad University, Nour, Iran


This paper provides useful equations for the analysis of loop dynamics specification such as damping ratio, overshoot and settling time in the third-order charge pump PLL with second-order loop filter. The presented analysis method is based on the approximation of the output phase step response using the step response of the second-order systems. In fact, the results can be used as an accurate approximation in the design and analysis of third-order PLL. The performance of this method has been verified in an interesting example using behavioral simulations in MATLAB. Simulations demonstrate a significant agreement between the simulated results of the actual PLL and the proposed approximated approach.


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