Interception FMCW radar using Wigner-Ville Distribution (WVD)

  • seyed mohammad hosseini
  • Reza Mohseni


Using ESM, RWR and ARM missiles pose significant limitations to the performance of the radar systems in new battles. In these wars, MTI radars are commonly used with high Power to achieve long ranges, therefore they are easily detectable by the enemy EW receivers, and so they lose their effectiveness. In addition to having the ability of anti-Jamming and good ECCM, the radar systems should to use suitable CESM features to reduce the effectiveness of hostile ESM systems. So ability of low interception or LPI has become an important factor in radar systems. On the other hand, interception receivers must also develop detection capabilities and improve their performance in parallel to the LPI radars. The LPI radar signals are used in so many different waveforms and thus there are different ways to detection of these signals. In this paper, WVD and CWD techniques are used in order to detection FMCW signals (LPI signal).
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