Examining the Difficulties of Integrating Renewable Energy Sources, with a Focus on the Island State and the Energy Storage System

  • Mostafa Eidiani Khorasan Institute of Higher Education
  • Amir Ali Puyan Khorasan Institute of Higher Education
Keywords: Renewable energy sources, electrical integration challenges, distribution network operation


With the growing usage of renewable energy sources in power systems, it is more important than ever to make appropriate use of these resources. As a result, in this paper, we look at the electrical challenges of integrating renewable energy sources into electricity networks from four different perspectives: short circuit level and network strength, operation in island mode, contingency analysis, and operation of renewable energy sources in the presence of energy storage systems. The influence of renewable resources on various metrics has been discussed. In the presence of renewable energy sources and energy storage systems, the studies done in the paper show an overall improvement in the system. However, it emphasizes the significance of assessing grid strength and short circuit levels, as well as the serious concerns that may develop for system operation in terms of power quality and issues with unacceptable voltage levels for the system operator. A basic guideline is provided at the end of the paper to decrease the problems of network functioning in the presence of renewable resources.


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