Automated Guided Vehicle Scheduling in a Complex Network using Simulation Based Optimization

  • Sayed Shahab Amelian Islamic azad university
  • Amir Hossein Zaeri
Keywords: AGV scheduling- Discrete event simulation- Optimization- Flexible manufacturing systems



Transportation is one of the important cases in flexible manufacturing systems. One of the means of transportation in flexible manufacturing systems is AGVs. Given that path planning of AGVs is of NP-Hard type problems, metaheuristic algorithms or simulation method should be used for the analysis of such problems. In this study, AGVs motion in a complicated network of a manufacturing system was explored and the purpose was to determine the best distribution rule of AGVs in machines and the number of AGVS to decrease the waiting time of parts in warehouses. Considering that the time of manufacturing of the parts by machines as well as AGVs' motion and their Load and Unload time are probable, discrete event simulation is an efficient tool in analysis of the problem. The results of this study revealed efficiency of the proposed method when analytical solution is not possible. 


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