Design and Simulation of MEMS Multi – Ring Vibrational Disk Gyroscope

  • Hamid Najafpour Ahangar Electronic
  • Farshad Babazadeh
Keywords: Vibrational gyroscope, Disc resonator, Microelectromechanical systems, MEMS


In this paper, design and simulation of a multi-ring disc microscope for use in positioning and navigation applications of mobile devices is reported. . This microgyroscope is based on MEMS technology and is fully compatible with the manufacturing processes of microelectromechanical systems. In this paper, the output frequency response of a vibrating gyroscope based on a multi-ring disc resonator in four different designs is analyzed using COMSOL Multiphysics software. The aim of this study was to improve the frequency response of multi-ring microelectromechanical (DRG) disk vibration resonator. First, three different structures were analyzed and then according to the obtained results and by comparing them, the fourth plan is proposed to improve and upgrade the structure. In this study, using a 5-ring resonator with an output resonant frequency in the range of 130 kHz to 250 kHz, the minimum frequency difference between two elliptical modes of 214 Hz was obtained. The lower the resonant frequency and the distance between the two resonant peaks of the resonant frequency, the higher the sensitivity of the gyroscope and thus the speed and accuracy of the gyroscope. The simulation results show that the resonator designed with more rings has a resonant frequency and the distance between the two resonance peaks is lower, which indicates its higher sensitivity, accuracy and quality factor.


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