DVR control by optimized fuzzy system with genetic algorithm

  • Ali Rezaei Agh oghla Imam Sadiq Conservatory, Education Department of District 1 of Tabriz
Keywords: The Genetic algorithms, optimization, fuzzy controller


DVR is one of the important Custom Power Device to compensate sag or swell of voltage in the distribution network that precision of voltage compensation depends on the ability of the PWM design, the appropriate controller and the selection of the filter parameters.

Traditional controllers such as PI, PID and smart controllers such as fuzzy controller can be used to control the DVR. Fuzzy controllers are nonlinear controllers with specific structure. The fuzzy controller acts like an expert human when controlling. The disadvantage of these controllers is their inability to learn that genetic algorithms, neural networks and etc are used to solve this problem.

In this paper, a genetic algorithm is used to optimize the fuzzy membership functions of the fuzzy controller.


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