Improving Performance of Variable Speed Wind Turbines using Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Controller and LQR Method

  • Mohammad Khayat Department of Mechatronics Engineering , Faculty of Mechanics,Electrical and Computer ,Sciences and Reserches Branch ,Islamic Azad University Tehran , Iran
  • Mohammad Ali Nekoui
Keywords: Fuzzy controller, Pitch control, Variable speed wind turbine


The focus of this research is on variable speed wind turbines operation with pitch control. In this paper, an advanced control strategy, based on a linear quadratic regulator and fuzzy controllers, is proposed in order to improve the performance of the variable-speed wind turbine. The proposed controller is designed to reduce the rotor’s speed variation, while optimizing wind turbine power. Wind turbine states are estimated by using fuzzy observer. Moreover, the Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy strategy is used to regulate the rotor speed by controlling the rotation of blades. The proposed method is modeled in MATLAB software by SimWindFarm simulator. Simulation results showed that the fuzzy TS method is an appropriate method for improving the efficiency of wind turbines. Moreover, the proposed method showed better performance compared to the PI controller.


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