Intelligence hysteresis comparators for a multilevel DTC control scheme of IM drive

  • Habib Benbouhenni Ecole Nationale Polytechnique d'Oran Maurice Audin, Oran, Algeria
Keywords: DTC, IM, fuzzy logic, neural networks, five-level DTC.


Direct torque control (DTC) of the induction motor (IM) is important in many applications. This paper presents improved five-level DTC using intelligence techniques. Two control approaches using neural networks DTC and fuzzy logic DTC are proposed and compared. The validity of the proposed controls scheme is verified by simulation tests of an induction motor. The stator current, stator flux and torque are determined and compared to the above techniques. The fuzzy DTC proposed control is shown to be able to reduce the torque and stator flux ripples and to improve performance DTC.


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