Designing a Filter for Nonlinear Loads by Reduction of Harmonic Distortions

  • Farhad Daneshi islamic azad university ahvaz branch
  • Alireza Tavakoli
Keywords: harmonic distortions reduction, power quality, passive filter


This paper presents a design model and power filter improvement for dealing with the issues of power quality, including harmonics distortions and reactive power alternating current in nonlinear loads. In the designed system, filters have been applied to compensate harmonics reduction and reactive power management. In this paper, the correction of distortions caused by nonlinear loads is focused by means of designing a proposed filter. This work is along with calculating capacitor characteristics which is required from impedance quantities. The current research has shown that using filters will reduce harmonic distortions from 17% to .69% leading to power quality enhancement in the power electricity networks.


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