Review of DC Microgrid system with Various Power Quality Issues in “Real Time Operation of DC Microgrid Connected System”

  • ILA RAI Amrita School of Engineering
  • S Ravishankar Amrita School of Engineering
  • Anand R Amrita School of Engineering
Keywords: DC microgrid, harmonic analysis, inrush current, bus fault, power quality


This paper presents an overview of various microgrid architectures of DC microgrid and power quality issues including harmonic currents, inrush currents, bus fault, circulating currents, and grounding of the system. A microgrid utilizing a DC bus can avoid various power conversion steps, and hence minimize the loss incurred as compared to AC bus. The high frequency semiconductor devices with greater voltage blocking capacities are essential components of DC microgrid. With the advent of new power electronic devices and circuits, the practical implementation of DC microgrid still suffers from various power quality issues and device limitations. This paper investigates and compares the power loss and harmonics for different semiconductor devices by using MATLAB software. The experimental results indicate that SiC device implementation significantly increases energy efficiency and enhances microgrid power quality.


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