Design Model of Automated Groundnut Threshing Machine

  • Benjamin Bello Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi
  • AJIE TOKAN READER at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Univers
  • Danladi Jibril Jiya
  • Abubakar Ibrahim Musa Researcher at Energy commission of Niger
Keywords: Groundnut, Design, threshing, automation, Arduino Uno


The groundnut threshing machine is an automatic device which removes groundnut seeds from their pods by stripping, impact action, and rubbing. In such machine, the main components are; the feeding hopper which contains the unshelled groundnuts, infrared sensor, the threshing unit which comprises of rotating pike (beater) and a fixed concave (screen) with a small gap space for threshing the groundnut, the separation unit which separate the threshed seeds from the chaffs with using a fan, and the collecting unit where the seeds will be stored and convened through a conveyor. An automation programming code in C language has developed and executed in an Arduino Uno which has enabled the automation process of the groundnut thresher, the materials which will be sourced locally. In this technique three motors are used as prime mover for thresher, blower, and conveyor. The performance of the proposed system is evaluated in terms of its throughput capacity, threshing efficiency, and mechanical damage.


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