Hardware in the Loop (HIL) Analysis of Fuzzy Controller for Ball and Beam System

  • Abbas Rasaienia Department of Electrical and Computer, Islamic Azad University North tehran, Tehran
Keywords: , ball and beam, fuzzy control, hardware in the loop, HIL, classic control


Ball and beam system is a nonlinear and unstable system which is used as an applied sample in research laboratories as a tool to represent the performance of different control algorithms. The present study utilizes hardware in the loop realization of classic (PID type) and fuzzy controllers by Sugeno fuzzy inference approach in order to evaluate their performances. All activities for design and simulation of controller were performed by MATLAB and Simulink software. Then, the simulation environment of MATLAB was linked to the operator interface as well as actuators and sensors in hardware in the loop structure by writing a real time kernel through DAQ interface cards. Simulation results show the appropriate performance of fuzzy controller in comparison to PD and PID controllers. By using fast processors for implementation of fuzzy controller, settling time, overshoot percentage and steady state error of the closed loop system were significantly improved in comparison to the common classic structure. Also, all simulation results were verified by hardware in the loop test.


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