Optimal energy management and power quality improvement in the MG based on renewable resources independent of the main grid considering Pumped Storage Units Demand Response and Optimal Active Filter

  • Ehsan Jafari islamic azad university
Keywords: Optimal energy management, power quality improvement, micogrid.


Abstract: In this thesis the issue of Day-Ahead(DA) optimal energy management in the microgrid (MG) based on renewable resources (photovoltaic and wind) and independent of the grid is considered. in this regard, a probabilistic optimization structure is used to optimal energy management in the disconnected MG with regard to the uncertainty of wind and solar resources. In addition, the effect of employing Pumped Storage Units and Demand Response techniques will also be evaluated in order to balance production and consumption in the MG. It is noteworthy that in previous studies the need to improve power quality due to the presence of a variety nonlinear and linear loads in the MG and the harmonic injection due to switching in inverters connected to solar panels is not considered. Therefore, in this study, the issue of power quality improvement will also be analysed. In this regard, in addition to considering the injected harmonic spectra by inverter to the MG, two different types of nonlinear loads of Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD) and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) will be modelled. Finally, by optimal design of active filter, the MG power quality will be evaluated. It should be noted that the power quality index is the total harmonic distortion (THD) that will be investigated and compared in different scenarios.


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