Capacity 545 PV * SOL Feasibility study of photovoltaic system connected to the grid using software Kilowatt runs in the village

  • Pouyan Ghanbari Master of Power Electrical
Keywords: PV * SOL software PV system - solar energy – photovoltaic


Solar energy, like other energies, can be directly or indirectly converted into other forms of energy, such as heat and electricity. However, obstacles including scientific and technical weakness in conversion due to lack of knowledge and field experience, variable and alternating amount of energy due to climate change and seasons and the direction of radiation and very wide distribution range have led to little use of this energy. The use of huge solar energy sources to generate electricity, dynamic use, heating of yards and buildings, drying of agricultural products and chemical changes have increased in recent years. In this paper, we simulate a 545 kV network-connected photovoltaic system using software on a case study in PV * SOL village.

Midoud located in Khuzestan province has been studied.


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