Interline Hybrid Unified Power Quality Conditioner

  • ehsan Akbari Mazandaran University of Science and Technology
Keywords: Power Quality, UPQC, voltage sag, voltage swell, Harmonic


This paper proposes a new interline hybrid unified power quality conditioner (IHUPQC) structure to improve the power quality of distribution feeders and to decrease the power ratings/voltages and switching losses of voltage source converters (VSCs). The IHUPQC consists of dynamic voltage restorer (DVR), an isolated dc-dc converter and a shunt hybrid active power filter (SHAPF) with a common dc bus. The inverse park phase locked loop (IP-PLL) technique is used to detect the distortions of signals in both feeders. Sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) based voltage control and current control are used for DVR and SHAPF respectively. The isolated dc-dc converter has PI controller based simple phase shift (SPS) technique. The performance of the proposed IHUPQC is evaluated through extensive simulations for mitigating voltage sag/swell and compensating current harmonics by using MATLAB/SIMULINK simulation tool.


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