Optimal Operation of Microgrids with Renewable Resources in the Uncertainty of Load and Market Prices, Load Curve Correction with the Help of Improved Use Time Program

  • Amirhossein Khosravipour Electrical Group, Ilam Petrochemical Company, Ilam, Iran.
Keywords: Barbers, Load Uncertainty, Renewable Resources, Improved Time Schedule



In this paper, exploitation of power grid with renewable resources and power storage has been investigated. In this regard, the effect of the uncertainty of load and market price in combination with the time schedule used to optimize the participation of the production and storage units of the grid is studied. It's important to use proper tariffs in the timeline. Thus, using the Moor's coefficient and pricing in three low-load, inter-freight and high-yielding times, the application improved time, in addition to improving the load curve, the customer's satisfaction also follows. Also, to better illustrate the impact of using this program, the operation of the grid is investigated in two modes connected to the network and apart from it. The main purpose of my reserch is to adjust the load curve and determine an optimal program for the manufacturing and preserving units in order to meet the needs of the subscribers, with the highest profit, the lowest cost and the least critical load.The monte carlo method was used to model the random process of the problem.Then using the scenario reduction techniques , the problem is solved in the form of a tow-stage randomized optimization problem using the GAMS software. The results of simulation suggest the parcticable method for improving the load curve, reducing peak load and operating costs, bewaring dead load, and thus reliability of the system is increment .


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