The Improved DTC Control of the BLDC Motor by Increasing the Number of Control Areas for the 4-key Inverter

  • Amirhossein Khosravipour Assistant Professor
Keywords: BLDC motor, DTC control, four key inverter, increased switching areas, flux control and torque.


Today, the use of BLDC motors in the industry has become widespread due to prominent features such as high speed control of high efficiency and much more. In order to achieve fast torque response, direct torque control can be used for BLDC motors. Also, the four-phase three-phase inverters are one of the suggested schemes proposed for feeding three-phase loads. But in the methods used by this type of inverter in the energy converter section for the DTC method, the torque and torque rpm are high due to hysteresis controllers and the number of vector controls and control areas. One of the solutions to these problems is the use of more areas to control the flux and torque of the BLDC engines. The purpose of this paper is to provide a suitable switching table for this type of inverter by increasing the number of areas. In addition, we use the position estimator in the DTC method to remove Hall effect sensors. Simulation results show good performance of this proposed scheme.


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