Fuzzy Control of BIFRED Converter

  • Mohammad Hossein Ershadi Department of Engineering,Islamic Azad University, Khomeinishahr Branch, Isfahan, Iran
  • Amir BaharlouHoureh
Keywords: DC-DC converter,BIFRED, fuzzy control ,flyback,boost


The main objective of this research is to design a fuzzy controller for a DC-DC converter of a flyback-bosst combination type. For this purpose, an introduction to the BIFRED converter is first provided and its working locations are checked. Typically, selecting and designing switching power supplies is considered to be important advantages, including the extremely high voltage output range, small size, low cost, and simplification. Of course, it should be noted that achieving all these benefits is not possible at the same time. A DC-DCboost converter integrated  with flyback, renowned BIFRED-converted, is  often with the advantages of the above. The high performance of this converter is caused by the fact that any energy saving energy in this converter changes its state from other elements. As the converter name suggests, the BIFRED converter is a combination of BOOST and FLY BACK converters.
Then, based on the analysis, the space state averaged model is used for this converter. Finally, to demonstrate the correctness of the controller's performance, the simulation results are presented in two voltage values ​​of 20 and 40 voltages.


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