A Novel Three Phase Five Level Inverter for Hybrid Solar –Wind Energy System

  • Simhadri Lakshmi Sirisha Ms.
Keywords: KEYWORDS: Hybrid Energy System, Pitch Angle Controller, Boost Converter, Multilevel Inverter.


   At present, the whole world is going through a severe energy crisis due to the non replenish able nature of fossil fuels which are major sources of conventional energy. In addition to limited availability of conventional energy sources, they also contribute heavily towards environmental pollution.  In this scenario, renewable energy sources has got significant role to play in meeting global energy demand. Solar and wind energy systems are the most popular types of grid connected renewable energy systems.  We are presenting a new system configuration for interfacing the hybrid solar and wind energy system to the grid. This configuration is flexible and it allows these two renewable energy sources to supply the load together or independently depending upon their availability. The configuration proposed here uses a modified five-level inverter for converting DC voltage generated from renewable energy sources to AC voltage at desired frequency. The usage of five-level inverter reduces Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) in output voltage and helps in eliminating bulk filters required at the output side. Simulation study of the proposed system is carried out using MATLAB Simulink.


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