Development of Smart City Dustbin Mobile Application for Android

  • Abdulraouf hakeem Ishola Department of Computer, Science National Open University, Nigeria.
  • Benjamin Bello Department of Mechatronics and System Engineering, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University PMB 0248, Bauchi, Nigeria.
  • O. Oyebanji Department of Computer, Science National Open University, Nigeria.
Keywords: Application, Smartphone’s, Dustbin, Android, Code.


One of the problem facing developing countries and particularly an urban city like Lagos in Nigeria is the issue of poor waste management by citizen. This definitely affects the standard of living of both the humans being and animals. Spread of diseases, foul smell in the air and unpleasant look of the city are few of its consequences. The cause of this can be trace to either non availability of Dustbins within the vicinity or their addresses and locations are not known. In the development of smart city dustbin mobile application for android, such problems are taking in to consideration. Its result generates a mobile Android app called Smart Dustbin that have Database which contain the proposed names and addresses for different dustbins. These are displayed on the screen of any Android mobile Smartphone’s the app is installed on and can then be used to locate the dustbin within the user’s vicinity. If a particular address is not descriptive enough or the precise location of the dustbin is proofing difficult for the user, such dustbin can be click. This will launch a goggle map, search with the address and bring the precise location of the dustbin with other relevant information that will guide the user.



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