An DC-DC Boost Converter Interconnected With Parallel Fly-back Converter for Dual Load Applications

  • Medi Pallavi
Keywords: KEYWORDS: Interconnected Parallel Fly-back Converter (IPFC), Boost Convertor (BC), Isolation Transformers (ITs).


Sustainable energy strategies generally involve both the use of sustainable energy sources and improvements in energy conservation. This energy generation technologies have been at the forefront due to concerns related to the environment, energy independence, and high fossil fuel costs. As an application of the Photovoltaic technology, building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems have attracted increasing interest in the past decade, and have been shown as a feasible renewable power generation technology to help buildings partially meet their load. Conventional PV systems can not be applied to arched facades. During this research, flexible photovoltaic system (FPVS) supported elastic solar panels were designed, manufactured and evaluated on a Model layer of 1m2 and 56W. A flexible system was analyzed in real terms on a flat, cylindrical and hemispherical surface. Warm and dry environmental data were recognized and communicated on-line into LabVIEW software. The smallest quantity of fill factor (FF) relates to a flat surface and also the systems once installed on the silo and biogas surfaces, have a fill factor of 0.88 and 0.84, respectively. The maximum power related to system deployment on the cylinder surface is 59.87W, whereas the minimum power of the system, when deployed on the flat surface, is 57.84W. The most effective power in the RSM deployment on the hemispherical surface is equal to 61.14W. The minimum power is 56.6W when deployed on the flat surface. The system's performance under standard conditions on the cylinder and dome surfaces are measured at 7.45%. The quantity of laboratory power output was related to the hemispherical, cylindrical, and flat surfaces, and its value is 46.7W, 55.1W, and 57.5W respectively. The economic analysis of COMFAR III was ranked based on the hemispherical, cylindrical and flat surfaces, respectively.


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