Automatic Street Lightning System With PIR

  • Simhadri Lakshmi Sirisha Ms.
  • Likhitha Sai Sankula
Keywords: Internet of Things, Photoconductivity, TNB, Pedestrians, MARG sensors.


Energy consumption due to street lights needs proper monitoring and control to reduce wastage of power. Conventional street light systems suffer from certain drawbacks as they are manually controlled and are powered through the electrical broad power station. This may lead to more power consumption if not monitored properly. The automatic street lightning system that we have implemented  provides automatic  control  and  fault  detection  of  street lights and to monitor  the typical situations occurring in the walkway. The  ON/OFF condition of street lamp is  controlled  using  LDR sensor  and  brightness  of  the  lamp  is  controlled  using  IR  sensor. If there  is any  malfunctioning  in  the  street  lamp  the  relay  senses  and  generates  a  signal to  the authority  using  IOT. The system also provides security alerts using Digital cam. Hardware implementation has been done and the results are also provided .


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