Impact of Renewable Energy Resource Based Distributed Generation on Distribution Network Loss and voltage Profile

Optimal allocation of renewable energy resource based distributed generation using bird swarm algorithm

  • Sabarinath G S.V.University
  • T Gowri Manohar
Keywords: Bird Swarm Algorithm, Combined Power Loss Sensitivity, Distributed Generation, Distribution Network, Penetration Level, Power Factor, Power Loss.


This article addresses an optimal allocation of Distributed Generation (DG) in a distribution network for minimization of network loss due to the active component of current. For this work, Combined Power Loss Sensitivity (CPLS) analysis is utilized to identify the appropriate position/location of DG. However, the appropriate size of DG is determined through a nature-inspired; population-based Bird Swarm Algorithm (BSA). Secondly, the influence of DG penetration level on network loss and voltage profile is investigated and presented. In this regard, three types of DG technologies (solar, wind and biomass) are developed for loss reduction. The performance of CPLS and BSA methodology is successfully evaluated on IEEE 33 and 69 bus standard systems. The results attained with the planned approach are compared with the existing methods in the literature.


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