Frequency Control of Load in Island Microgrid by using the Model Predictive Control (MPC)

  • Naser Ghanbarzadeh
  • Alireza Sedaghati shahabdanesh university
Keywords: control of load Frequency, microgrid, model predictive control


One of the most important issues of the microgrid in the form of seperation from network is power, the frequency and voltage control. In this paper, a control-based method of model pridictive control is presented for control of load frequency in the microgrid network. The proposed controller is located in the second frequency control loop and, by applying the control signal to the sources, the frequency disturbances are mimicd after the power changes in the microgrid. The simulation results in the MATLAB / Simulink environment show that the proposed controller has a better performance in comparison with the proportional-integral controller based on Zigler-Nicoles based PI (ZN-PI), proportional-integral controller based on fuzzy logic,(Fuzzy-PI), proportional-derivative-integral controller of fractional times base on Canonical Particle Swarm Optimization based Proportional Integral differential (CPSO-PID) and proportional-derivative-integral controller based on optimal particle algorithm, so that 1) frequency fluctuations decreases in terms of the oscillation range and its number effectively; 2) it is more resistant than the certainty of the microgrid parameters; and has better function in the parameters change to the other one.


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