Dual Active Half Bridge Soft-Switched Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter

  • ُSamuel Rajesh Babu


This paper presents a new dual active half bridge soft-switched  isolated bi-directional  dc-dc converter.  In addition, unified ZVS is achieved in either direction of power flow with  neither a voltage-clamping circuit nor extra switching devices and resonant components.Bi-directional power flow is obtained by the same power components and provides a simple efficient and galvanically isolated   converter.  The proposed converter is a good alternative to the full bridge isolated bidirectional dc-dc  onverters in high  power application and has distinct advantages like high power density, high efficiency and low cost  application. The detailed design and operating principles are analyzed and described. The simulation results are verified with the experimental results.
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Rajesh Babuُ., & HENRY, J. (2012). Dual Active Half Bridge Soft-Switched Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter. Majlesi Journal of Energy Management, 1(3). Retrieved from http://journals.iaumajlesi.ac.ir/em/index/index.php/em/article/view/29