Factors effecting the measurement of Copper losses and Magnetic losses in Transformers

  • P. Geno Peter Engineer, Quality Assurance, Al-Ahleia Switchgear Co. Kuwait.
  • Atul M. Vaidya Senior Manager, Quality Assurance, Al-Ahleia Switchgear Co. Kuwait.


In an electrical distribution unit transformer plays an important role. All transformers are subjected to various tests at the manufacturers test laboratory before being sent to the site of erection. The most important of the guaranteed parameters for a transformer that influence system economy are the no- load ( also called as magnetic losses) and the load losses( also called as copper losses). These losses occur at low to extremely low power factors as it is an inductive circuit, hence devices used in extension of instrument range, the devices used for actual measurement of parameters and the output impedance of the source circuit forms the most important components of such low power factor measurements, in particular for power transformers. 


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