Application of Bio-geography Based Optimization Algorithm to Solve the Problem of Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch

  • Ehsan Nekouei Dehchenary
  • Masoud Rashidi Nejad
  • Amir Abdollahi


The main purpose of the economic dispatch (ED) is Minimize of costs in power plants, so that the constraints of governing system installations are considered. Classical problem of ED that is performed for minimizing the total costs of the fuel, can't considered in isolation, therefore considered the emission that occur cause of the operation of fossil fuel generators in ED problem. Considering the emission in the ED problem converts the classical issue to multiple issue with as: Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch (CEED). In this paper bio-geography based optimization algorithm (BBO) is used to solve the problem of CEED. Then proposed method is performed on the standard IEEE 24-bus test system and its results with genetic algorithm and other several optimization algorithms are compared.


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